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We are an independent record label based in London. We believe in creativity and & uniqueness in music.

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The record label's management team has a passion for finding and developing talented artists worldwide, with extensive experience in various aspects of the music industry. They prioritize staying up-to-date with industry trends and using new technologies to maximize their artists' reach, while also fostering a supportive and collaborative environment for artists to grow and succeed in their respective genres.

Beats Services

Our online beat store offers a wide variety of high-quality beats and instrumentals, created by talented producers from around the world. With exclusive and non-exclusive licensing options, you have the flexibility to use our beats in your commercial projects or personal creations with agreements. Our platform makes it easy to gain direct access to browse and purchase beats, with the option for customized beat production services to match your unique musical style and needs.

Artist Development & Management Services

The record label provides talent management services to help artists succeed in the music industry. Their experienced team works closely with artists to create personalized plans and strategies for achieving their goals, focusing on collaboration, communication, and creativity.

Booking Services

The record label provides exceptional booking services that match artists' unique styles and brands, with a team of experienced agents securing performance opportunities in various venues and festivals to help artists showcase their talent and grow their careers.

Distribution Services

Release your music on your own terms and preferred platforms. Reach out to different Digital Service Providers [DSPs] with effective pitching techniques, while maximizing your earnings.

Publishing Services

You retain full ownership of your work as we provide services that include collecting all your publishing royalties, securing and finalizing sync opportunities, and providing opportunities for you to participate in recording sessions that can advance your career. We also partner with distribution companies and mobile cell carriers in Africa to provide your song to customers in form of Caller_Tunes.

Marketing Services

Our specialized service focuses on marketing Afrobeats through various connections to mediums not limited to radio & television, digital, blockchain, and press.

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