Adebayo, known to many as Ayo AKA Ayopiano, is from Osun state, Nigeria. His journey into the world of dance began at a young age, during his primary and secondary school days, where he actively participated in dance performances.

As he transitioned into college life, Ayo’s passion for dance continued to burn brightly. He became a part of a dance crew called “Steppers DC,” and his dedication and talent soon earned him the role of dance coordinator within the crew during his 3rd year in College.

Ayo’s inspiration and motivation to excel in dance came from watching renowned dancers like Kidathegreat, Ayo & Teo, and other international talents. He recognized that dancers in Africa were not receiving the recognition they deserved and aspired to change that narrative.

His dreams of being celebrated as a dancer started to take shape when he caught the attention of the Crystobol Records Label and Talent Management company. They saw his immense potential and talent, leading to his signing as a member of the Crystobol Record family. Ayo is proud to join this new family and looks forward to making his mark on the world with his unique dance moves.

Ayopiano invites you to follow his exciting journey on social media and be a part of his continued growth as a dancer. Join Ayopiano as he takes the world by storm with his incredible dancing skills.